Welcome to Margaritaville! I mean, San Antonio!

After many hours of flight, I have finally arrived at my destination: The fabulous Hilton Palacio del Rio in San Antonio!

Well, okay, perhaps it’s not “fabulous”, but it’s pretty nice and it’s very conveniently located right next to everything I want and need to be near.  Mostly though, I’m going to be here:

Yeah, it’s a wild and crazy life I lead.

Here’s what the front looks like.  Combination entryway and kitchen!

Frome here we (of course) head to the massive source of light at the back of the room.  It’s a door to a balcony! Hold on, it gets better: the door opens to reveal a patio!

Most importantly though, from this patio I get my first real look at San Antonio.  Which is me saying that you can’t see much from a landing airplane or a fast-moving taxi.

Now settled in and having had a cursory look around, it’s time to take care of business.


About J West

AKA "Task", a software developer. Hence, TaskWare.
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