Boldly going forth… outside!

Finally, the time has arrived.  I shall go… OUTSIDE!

Where to go? Well, I’ve been informed that my wife requires me to get her some silver.  That sounds like a “local craft” kinda thing.  Oh, look, a little village right next to the hotel that caters to exactly that kind of thing!

Well, I guess I’ll hafta go in there.  It’s not too big, so I should be able to look at everything they’ve got.  Which is mostly paintings and pottery, but also has a place filled with shiny copper! Which is really cool, except for the “No pictures, on pain of DEATH!” signs all over the place.  Do they think photographs cause copper to decay into a lower element? I’m fairly certain photons have no effect on atomic half-life.  Well, this certainly isn’t the time to attempt to educate people.

Passing by the pottery and the paintings and the restaurants and the Church Of Quaintness, I soon see something fairly nifty: A purple door!

Inside they sell silver.  Sterling, mostly.  If you want a heavy and attractive weight to attach to your wrist (I’m sure there are important exercises based on these), then boy does this place have you covered! A solid silver wrist lizard can be had for the highly affordable price of “I’m not even looking because I’m afraid she might accidentally hit me with it and knock me out for 3 hours”.

Fortunately they have other items, which I may or may not have picked up.  I know how she likes surprises.

Exiting that building I pass by an interesting little sign:

This is The Canada House? Why wasn’t I notified! I was feeling a little homesick!  For all who are wondering, that can certainly be called “a kind of sick”, but I still don’t think it’s enough to justify a round of “soft kitty”.

I passed through an interesting store that sells scented wax chunks.  Kind of like The Body Shop, but with an attached factory so you can see how they make the product.  Attaching a factory to anything is a sure way to make it better.

There was also another store selling silver and stuff, kind of done up for the holidays:

They had some nice stuff too.  Which again I may or may not have picked up.  You definitely aren’t going to see any pictures of anything I’ve bought while I was here.

Because that would spoil the surprise.

That’s the way it goes, right?


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