Quick, order a margarita! That’ll shake them off our tail!

With business taken care of, it’s time to get out and see the sights!  Most specifically, some dinner.  It’s been a long time since that Western omelet I had at the bud bar in Pearson.

So that means finally getting out of this hotel room and going downstairs, where all the lights are bright.  This hotel is right on “the riverwalk”, so all I have to do is go out the back and I’ve now seen one of the top 3 “sights to see” in San Antonio! Excellent!

And what are those little umbrellas down there? Methinks food.  And also a good place to lose those MIBs that have been on my trail.  I can almost hear their conversation:

MIB1: “He’s been here over 5 hours and he still hasn’t gone to The Alamo!”

MIB2: “I know! How’s he ever going to remember it if he doesn’t go?”

MIB3: “He’s still got 54 hours before he’s violated that statute, but if he goes another 5 hours without having a margarita then we’ll have him on a fairly serious offense.  Pay close attention to the targets movements!”

MIB2: “If anyone leaves San Antonio without having a margarita, the terrorists win.”

Fortunately for me, I do eventually get hungry and need to eat, so here I am at the hotel restaurant.  Yeah, I’m just a bundle of ingenuity wrapped around a core of originality.

I grab a seat on the patio so I can watch the riverwalk, it’s likely more entertaining than anything I’ll see inside.  Very shortly I’m proved correct, as the local constabulary zooms by! That might make an interesting TV show, I wonder if it’ll be on next season?

Mostly though it’s tour boats:

I’m not interested in anything in the menu, that standard fare is so plebeian.  I want what’s special!  The specials menu has something that sounds excellent: Bacon Wrapped Fillet!

And, of course, the House Margarita.  The MIBs back off when it gets to my table.  They must’ve found a new target.

That silver thing between the salt and pepper? That’s a fancy container for sugar packets.  I wanted to take it home, but couldn’t think of a way to explain it to the airport security.

Not that you care about any of that, you probably haven’t heard anything past the words “bacon wrapped fillet”.  I’m not sure why, but I was wondering what kind of fish it was a fillet of.  I was thinking of all the types of fish that would work well with bacon.  Then they brought it to my table, and it was obvious what kind of fish it was a fillet of: Mignon.  Which I believe is French for “push this cow into the water so we can pretend it’s a fish!”.  Regardless, it was excellent:

This was the point at which I slowed down enough to snap a picture of it.  I’d saved the potatoes for last, you see.  To help with the sauce.  Mmmm, sauce…

The meal had started with an excellent salad (featuring egg and cheese, two of my favourite salad ingredients) and finished just as nicely:

That’s a blackberry in cream cheese on the side there.  Nice way to top a chocolate cake.

And that’s the end of my first day in San Antonio, because I’ve been up since 4:30 am and I’m really tired.  Go ahead, laugh at the “over 30” guy, but I’ve got some serious sleeping to do.


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