San Antonio by night, featuring NO vampires!

I’ll definitely concede that the lights are a little bit brighter here, but I wouldn’t say that they’re “much” brighter.  Perhaps I am not really “downtown” then?  Hard to say.

The first building that catches my eye is (of course) the giant flower whatsit building:

I like how they’ve got the petals lit up.  Still no idea what for, but I’ve moved beyond that now.  Really, I have.  No, really.

From my balcony we can see the local version of “giant sports dome at the base of a tower”, which I would say is clearly inferior to OUR “giant sports dome at the base of a tower”, in just so many ways that I do not think I need to enumerate them:

Their tower, it is so small.  Nicely lit up though.  The giant supports used to hold up that dome (I assume that’s what they’re for anyway) are interesting, but serve only to draw attention to how small their tower is.  So sad.

Next to the hotel is La Villita, which is “small Mexican village to process tourists with”.  They like to light up their trees!

Very nice.

Yes, at some point I’ll take pictures from somewhere besides “in my hotel”.  Really, I will.  No, really.  Look, just stay tuned and I’ll prove it within a day.


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