Why am I here? What’s the meaning of it all? Right, free food.

When I woke up early this morning, check out what it looked like outside:

Yeah, kinda foggy.  There’s a large building nearby in that shot, on the right side.  I only know this because I’ve taken pictures of this view a couple of times now, I certainly couldn’t see it here.

Anyway, after a couple hours that cleared up and it turned into a nice day.  So I of course went outside, crossed the road, and went into the convention.  You know, the reason I’m actually here.  Delivered some iPads, and looked around:

That’s the entrance.  They’ve got an enormous booth just filling the entrance, you’d think they wanted some attention or something.  Moving along, these guys think they’re pretty cool too:

Of course, I don’t really care much for anything being presented here, I’m more looking for something shiny to take pictures of! Oh, look! Robots!

It’s an automated presentation where the gel-dude slides into the machine and they light up his brain with LEDs representing lasers! The attached video tries hard but fails utterly at conveying any significant information.

Oh, and look at this, it’s an unhappy mouse! Apparently he’s very concerned at the number of scientists watching him run through a maze or react to the poisonous nerve gas they’ve injected into his chamber.  This company has machines to watch your lab rats for you! Fantastic!

Perhaps the best thing I saw though was this one booth that had a nice couch in front of a faux brick wall with a screen mounted on it, playing the annually favourite show: The Christmas Log!

It’s so comforting.  But hey, I haven’t eaten yet today, and it’s past lunch.  Fortunately, I’m at a conference.  And the only reason I know to go to these things is to get free stuff.  Like the shammy I picked up.  And the overflowing tables of food and drink and the unbeatable price of “have all you want for free”:

Things of note in that image:

  • American Mt. Dew
  • Two chocolate cookies (the reason I selected this package)
  • Empty packages of both mustard and mayo (excellent!)
  • Two mostly eaten peppers, which were FAR less spicy than I had feared.  And surprisingly tastier than I’d expected!
  • Moist… Towelette…

What’s missing in this picture is the “slab of chicken onna bun” that they happened to provide the perfect amount and number of toppings for.  It went quickly.

So I’ve definitely spent some time out of the hotel now, but I’m still inside.  Just, inside a different (and larger?) building.  Well, there’s nothing I have to do today, so that’s all going to change.


About J West

AKA "Task", a software developer. Hence, TaskWare.
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