By popular demand: Just what is that flower building anyway?

Two things happened last night that coincided well.  The first being that I had some time on my hands for the evening, there wasn’t anything that really needed doing.  The second being that the wife really wanted to know exactly what that giant flower whatsit building was all about:

My map was actually quite useful in this regard:

You might see that circle next to the river labeled “Villita Assembly Hall”, which is definitely the building, but not very interesting.  So I went over and had a look at it.  It really is just an assembly hall.  There was a private function going on, looked like a wedding reception.

So while we now have an answer to the question “what is that building?”, we really don’t have any answer at all to what we really want to know: “why does that building have a massive flower painted on top of it in a large depression with a ladder going into it?”

I’m beginning to think that it’s a rainwater collection system.

But it still seems strange.  And I think I like it that way.


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