Fire, light, and movement: More San Antonio by night

With an evening to wander about after visiting the flower whatsit building, I knew it was time to take a picture of this:

Not only is it my hotel showing its festive cheer, but it also reminds me fondly of 8-bit graphics.  Think of all the things that could be accomplished with this system!  A diorama of Black Mage pulling out the Hadouken to annihilate some random encounter, perhaps.  The possibilities are endless.  Of course, nobody will ever give me control of such a system.  Likely for these exact reasons.

Anyway, my wandering did serve to teach me one specific thing: I really suck at photographing the combination of darkness, light, and movement.  If you’re interested in some proof, check out this thing I found along my wanders: a burning fountain!

Yeah, really doesn’t convey the majesty of what was actually a masterful combination of two opposing elements.  Mostly just conveys that my photography needs work.  *sigh*

Depending on who you are, you might find this even more fascinating: A horse and carriage done up all Cinderella-style with pumpkin enclosure and everything!

What’s most fantastic is that this was my best picture of it.  I deleted two that were even worse.  I thought I might restrict myself to a closer target,  but that didn’t work out much better:

If only that horse hadn’t had all 4 feet on the ground, it might look better:  “Look how fast this horse was moving!”

Instead, it’s just a blurry picture of a horse.  Which probably is of little interest to anyone.  But I put it up here just in case.

I shall no more show off my bad pictures, but I thought these ones were interesting in that they really showed me that those three particular elements were really good at combining into something that I couldn’t ever get a good picture of: dark, light, and speed.

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