Let’s go… To the Alamo!

It’s a Sunday, and I haven’t got anything that I really need to do.  Those MIBs have gathered again, and I am reminded that I still haven’t been to see The Alamo.  Well, it’s a short walk, I guess now would be a good time.

MIB2: “He’ll remember The Alamo after we shoot him with a musket! Nothing is as unforgettable as being shot with a musket!”

MIB1: “He’s still got an hour till the deadline and he’s headed towards it, we may have to stand down.”

MIB2: “Aw man, it takes forever to set this thing up! What a waste!”

MIB3: “Yeah, you’ve got black powder all over you…  Or do you?”

Anyway, it was very nearby, and photography was completely disallowed.  There were several informative plaques, and a History Channel recording, and of course a store.  The library was closed on account of weekend.  Apparently the church is iconic:

That bump on the top was invented here! What a thing to be proud of.

On the inside, it is copiously missing a second floor.  There are all sorts of things that scream out “this is where the second floor was!” and it’s just a lot of empty space.  There’s really not that much more I can say about it.  I guess it’s really old in there.  Yeah, I’m out.

The other surviving portion of The Alamo is The Long Barracks.  It is, as you might expect, kind of long:

I think the best feature of the place is right between those two though:

Historic monument, Christmas tree! and historic monument.  That’s definitely a really big tree, but mostly it just rams home that these days you can’t get much more sacred than “It’s Christmas! Buy presents!”

I think the thing that I saw in there that I found most fascinating was a one-legged bird:

This bird does actually have two legs, but the one foot is tucked up tight underneath and it hops about with surprising grace using only the one.

There must be strength in that one mighty foot.

The other feature of The Alamo that I was allowed to photograph and also found quite fascinating was the aqueduct.  This one was somewhat enhanced by the fact that it had giant goldfish in it:

Hmm, should it bother me that the things I found most interesting at The Alamo are the same things that would fascinate my 5-year old son?  Perhaps.  Does it actually bother me? Not really.

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