New Quest: Locate supplies!

I was starting the lament the lack of supplies in my room, so I decided it was time to go looking for a grocery store or something.  I’ve got a fridge, I should use it, right?

I wasn’t far out the door of the hotel when I suddenly heard music, and it beckoned.  The pipes, they called to me:

After enjoying that for a little bit (both the music and the fact that it was a Mexican playing the pipes), I continued on my quest for supplies.  The first thing of interest that I found was an information area.  They must get a lot of tourists with questions.  My question of “is there a grocery store around here?” got a bit of a laugh, “not here in the city, sir”.  Wow, they really think this counts as “downtown, big city”.

No problem, not more than 10′ away was a little convenient store that had all I was looking for.  My little hotel kitchen is now adequately stocked:

Quest completed! New item acquired!


About J West

AKA "Task", a software developer. Hence, TaskWare.
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