Words that start with ‘river’ – part 1: Riverwalk

With some time on my hands and a whole downtown tourist attraction to explore, I knew what my first destination had to be: Riverwalk!

I like walking.  I like exploring.  I hate traffic.  Riverwalk is a way of exploring San Antonio by walking around that completely avoids vehicular traffic.  Obviously, I had to check this out.  One of the first things I found (not 5 minutes from the hotel yet completely undetectable from street level, which I think if fabulous) was an amphitheater.  What with the season and all, it featured a Mexican crooner belting out his rendition of popular Christmas songs.  By “his rendition” I mean “he added/changed some lyrics”.  Still, free performance == win:

The only problem with Riverwalk is that it’s kind of narrow:

While there are many bridges (as seen above), most of Riverwalk is populated with restaurants.  So the foot traffic is fairly constant, and at night kind of heavy.  So we’ve successfully substituted one kind of traffic for another.  Still, no waiting for stop lights, so definitely a win in that direction.

Being a “walking feature” as well as a “tourist destination”, it is literally filled to overflowing with picturesque locations:

Which means that my walk was very nice, even though I was constantly dodging around clots of “platelet people”.

One of the most populous areas is a particularly highly frequented restaurant that has lots of seating along the Riverwalk.  Did you notice that section of the colourful map that had lots of colourful umbrellas on it? They’re not making that up:

The best thing about Riverwalk is that it’s a picturesque way of getting from A to B without having to wait for a green light.  Be warned though: it’s all concrete and there are a lot of stairs.  This isn’t a tourist attraction for fat people or old people.  Unfortunately though, that doesn’t stop them from attending.  Damn, so close!

Well, I can certainly see why it’s considered a “must-see” at least.  4/5, would visit again.


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