Words that start with ‘river’ – part 2: Rivermall

Perhaps the most noteworthy (especially if you’re interested in popular destinations) thing that you can get to via the Riverwalk is the Rivercenter Mall.  Or, as I shall call it from this point on: Rivermall!

It’s really just another mall (only since it’s San Antonio there’s a lot of footwear, ‘native craftwork’, and sunglasses for sale), but the most critical feature is that the river really does go to the center of the mall! At the point where the river turns around and goes back the way it came you’re surrounded on three sides by glass wall of food court, restaurant, and retail.  It is easily the nicest-to-look-at mall I’ve ever been in, and for that one reason.  The river is the primary concern, they fit in stores around it.

The best store I saw in Rivermall (beating out the 7th generation comic store) simply cannot be better described than with a picture:

If you’re looking for something purple, then they’ve got you covered.  If they don’t have what you want in purple, they can either get it in or direct you to someone who can.  That might’ve been the biggest surprise I found in the whole city: a store devoted to my favourite colour.  Kinda cool.

The biggest thing in Rivermall though is the massive IMAX theatre they’ve got.  Which primarily appears to be here to play some big-budget Alamo movie.  But also has a very nifty stand right now:

Oh, isn’t that thrilling!  It’s Dec. 2010 right now! I’ve got the DVD extended version of the original TRON at home, so you can bet that I considered going to see this Right Now.  But I’d rather enjoy the movie with someone else, so I can wait.

Yeah, the rest of Rivermall is kiosks, clothes, and food; just like every other mall in the universe.  There’s a really nice kid play area, but I didn’t go in there since I was afraid of what people would think of me playing in a kids area.

Being an adult kinda sucks sometimes.  But then I remember how much money I’ve got in my wallet and it goes away.  The advantages outweigh.


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