Goodbye San Antonio!

I’ve been here quite long enough by now, and it’s well past time to head home.  Before I do though, a few parting shots of “things in San Antonio that I haven’t yet mentioned”.

First on the list is that strange red shape that you might’ve seen on that colour map earlier.  Did you wonder what it was? No? Didn’t care even slightly?  Well, can’t really blame you there.  What it is though, is a landmark:

Yeah, newage (to rhyme with ‘sewage’) sculpture or something.  Right in the middle of the intersection.  It’s only there to draw attention.

Other things that exist to draw attention to themselves are noisy old cars that travel along the road, often with company:

Someone more versed in automobiles might be able to tell you what kind of roadster they are; all I can tell you is that they are old, restored, and show-off pieces.

Yeah, time to go home.

About J West

AKA "Task", a software developer. Hence, TaskWare.
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