Cruisin’ New Orleans

Have a look around New Orleans and you’ll see… well, things.  If you’ve ever wondered why New Orleans is known for food, I’ll give you one word and a link: BAM!  That’s something you can see in a couple of places around town.

Something else you can see is the ONE roundabout they have.  It’s known as Lee Circle, and it’s got a round statue/garden/whatever in the middle of it:

Standing Tall And Confident

A Close-Up On The Man Hisself

Who is that man up on top there?

With his confident stance and excellent hat, it could only be one man! Nobody else is cool enough to wear a hat like that.  Seriously, they passed a by-law.  Chuck Norris was briefly considered as another possible, but the motion wasn’t carried.  If you haven’t yet guessed Robert E. Lee then you haven’t been paying attention.

Right next to it is a building that puts on a nice light show at night:

Those lights transition through the entire rainbow spectrum from the top down.  Very nicely done.

While walking along St Charles, I saw something that was more than a bit of a surprise.  You have to know that New Orleans is a “party town”, but have you considered what that really means? Can you imagine the side-effects of such a state of being?

How about if there was a street that had so much happening on it, that it required Amphitheatre Seating?  Truly, I do not jest:

Stadium Seating... For the street?

The other side of the street had even more, with a big wall.  And columns.  I cannot even begin to imagine the excitement.

To wrap up the post, remember how earlier I was talking about how the view out the window could be worse if it was a large industrial complex? And how that wouldn’t happen in the city? Well, just outside the convention centre I found out just how close I was to the edge of the city:

Yeah, it’s like a warm reminder of Hamilton.  Gawd, but I hate Hamilton.

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