Buh-bye NO, Ahma go home!

For my final night here, I figured I might as well check out the local shopping scene.  Just in case there was something interesting.  The entrance was kinda neat:

All lite up nice and colourful.  Besides that, it’s just a long straight mall.  Which is nice.  I don’t much care for those malls that are made like twisty passages everywhere, each one alike.  Then again, I don’t much care for malls in general.  This one isn’t huge though, so that’s nice.  And every now and then there’s a window or a door out to where you can see the river.  Which isn’t bad.  But as a “Riverwalk”?  I’m afraid the one in San Antonio totally kicks this one’s ass.  With both feet.  I didn’t find much shopping worth mentioning.  Did find a nice couple EB outlets with some good selection.  I guess that counts.

The main thing that’s really easy to shop for though is booze.  Every corner store advertises their low-low prices on “wrapped liquor”.  Which I think means “we put it in a bag so you can wander the streets with it safely”.  I’m not sure if I speak the lingo correctly, but I’m fairly sure on this one.

One Stuffed Flounder later (from a seafood restaurant, not any of the other local establishments, just to be clear) I’m totally done with this city.  The job is finally done.  I’m not exactly a “Miller” kinda guy, so I went with this instead:

The Bud Of The Holy

Now it’s time to get some sleep so I can get up early and get back home.

Oh, it’ll be nice to be home.


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