Our Invasion Plans Proceed Well!

Something that I’ve seen all over the place that has been a bit confusing is the Quebec symbol.  Here it is quite deliberately painted all over the floor at the convention center:

It's a Fleur de Lis, right?

The only reason it’s weird to see it everywhere is because I’m sure it’s a Quebec symbol and this is Louisiana.  The those Québécois steal it from the French? Did the French steal it from them? Is it some kind of generic “we are French!” symbol?  I’m pretty sure this symbol is owned by Quebec (it’s on their flag, right?), so I’m thinking that this is another prong in our assault on the US.  Our plan to take over Florida and North Carolina with snowbirds and half-backers is proceeding well, doesn’t it stand to reason that the Québécois are slowly taking over New Orleans?

Well, good for them! Anything to distract them from trying to break up our country.  Oh, and we can only improve The States by taking them over, so that’s good too.


About J West

AKA "Task", a software developer. Hence, TaskWare.
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