The Additional Culinary Delights of NO

I’ve already mentioned the seafood and the gumbo, but don’t think for an instant that that’s all there is to New Orleans dining!

The tourist’s guide to NO prominently features one of the other common offerings:

Every other restaurant will advertise that they have PO-Boys.  Which, of course, leads me directly to one specific question: “What the fk is a PO-Boy?!?”

I only have to ask one person to find out, and the cover of that guide (which I picked up days later in case you’re thinking I’m a dumbass) is a good indication.  It’s a french roll cut in half and stuffed with meat and sauce and toppings.  “It’s like a sub” she tells me.  Ah, it’s a sammich! Well, I’m a big fan of The Sammich, so you know I had to try one out:

For the curious, this is a Patton Sausage PO-Boy

As to why it’s called “A PO-Boy”, apparently they would make these with leftover french loaf and anything else extra in the kitchen and gravy with debris (that’s another NO term, it means the meat that falls off into the gravy) and then either give them away or sell them cheaply to “the poor boys” who had trouble getting a lunch.  He ain’t got money, he’s po’.

Anyway, it was really good.  Which is why Mary Poppins sings about it, I imagine.  You know the song: “Feed the po! Toppings on bread! Toppings! Toppings!”

Pretty sure it goes like that.  Either way, good sammich.

Besides that, I knew I had to stop in at Mothers.  The idea of Blackened Ham definitely piqued my interest, and it made for an excellent breakfast.  There was also an egg (as a side note, you take your life in your hands when you order ‘over hard’ almost anywhere, this place was no exception) and some grits (I think it’s cream of wheat or something, kinda tasteless, avoid unless you know what you’re after) and a scone with a big scoop of butter and jam.  I have no argument with their claim of “World Best Ham”, none at all.

I would’ve taken a picture of it, but it didn’t last on my plate long enough.  Gotta eat it while it’s warm, dontchaknow.


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