The Last Breakfast

Finally, my last day in NO!  I’ve been ready to go home for at least a day now.

I decided it was time to try out the Smoked Salmon dish that I’d seen on offer earlier:

It’s a French Onion bagel with a plate fulla toppings.  I won’t sing about toppings again, I think you’ve already got the idea.  They’re good.

It was an excellent meal, I didn’t miss the buffet at all.  Even though they sat me right next to the buffet.  And took their time bringing me my simple meal.  I think those little round things in the middle of the plate are caviar.  It was salty, and I’m usually into that, but I didn’t want it on my smoked salmon bagel with cream cheese.  Does that make me snobbish?  Never mind, I don’t care either way.  8 )

The coffee wasn’t very good, it was a tad strong:

Pretty sure those are coffee grounds. Might be dirt.

Yeah, good food, but I didn’t tip much.

Still, a nice breakfast for the last day.


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