Voodoo? Who do? You do! Do what?

One of the other things that NO is known for is Voodoo.  Looking through the tourist guide, I noticed that it was in there.  They claim that they’re the best BBQ in NO.  I’m a fan of BBQ, so I couldn’t let this claim stand unchallenged.  After all, there was a good chance that the sole reason they could make this claim is because they were the sole contender:

If you want BBQ, you've got one choice. Choose well!

I definitely needed to check this out.  They were a bit of a walk, but not far, and I walk faster than most people, so it didn’t take long.  Nice walk along St. Charles, it’s a good street.  Anyway, I get there, walk in the door, look around, and someone behind the counter says “Welcome to Voodoo!”.  At which point you might be tempted to respond with “Voodoo? Who do?”, but rest assured that they’re quite likely to just look at you funny.  Does nobody listen to Bowie anymore?

Well, you order some food and it’s a little bit like fast food.  You place your marker on any table you please and they bring it to you within 5 minutes.  Fast! And it’s on a disposable plate with disposable cutlery.  That’s where the similarity ends.  From that point on it’s a very reasonable amount of food (y’ain’t gonna starve, and y’ain’t goin’ hungry) for a reasonable price, and it’s more than likely some of the best BBQ you’ve ever had.  But the real win is yet to come: They have Awesome Sauce!

Best BBQ fast food ever

Yummy food! But do you see those three red bottles behind? That’s the liquid victory.  They have a saying there: “To sauce, or not to sauce?”, but that’s just because they don’t want to antagonize their more sensitive (and weak!) customers.  The only real question here is How Much Sauce?  Here’s a hint: The correct answer is “Lots!”

Their ‘Mojo Sauce’ is award-winning and deserves every accolade.  Best BBQ sauce I’ve ever had.  And I’ve had a lot.  The other two are ‘Cane Vinegar’ (a vinegar based sauce, very tangy!) and ‘Mango Crystal’ (the hot sauce, very spicy!) and are excellent additional options.  Kinda like the 2nd and 3rd place contenders that wish they weren’t so totally outclassed by the nearly perfect winner.

As an aside here, if you’re heading back from Voodoo at night, and passing through Lee Circle, be very careful to not take the wrong exit from the roundabout.  This can very quickly take you into the Arts and Warehouse District, which looks kind of bombed-out and damaged.  If you then take a right, you’ll find yourself in an area that an uptown person might refer to as “the wrong side of the tracks”, which might make you a bit nervous.  Have no fear, remain calm.  Check the skyline, and head towards the tall buildings.  That’s the Central Business District, or CBD as it is commonly known.  We all know how business loves its TLAs.  You will in no time be back in familiar territory.

I mention this for no particular reason, just as a bit of a warning.  Roundabouts can be a bit disorienting if you’re not used to them, that’s all.  Totally understandable.  Not even sure why I brought it up.  Carry on!


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