Me and the FB

As a general rule, if there’s something ‘social’ going on, then I’m either avoiding it or somewhere on the fringes.  Not because I’m a psychopath or anything, I just don’t really enjoy it like everyone else seems to.  That and (get this!) I have little desire to do things that I suck at.  Unsurprisingly, I’ve never had any real interest in That Well-Known Scourge Of Mankind (aka Facebook).  And then a couple months ago I had to link an application to the FB.  The first step in attaching your application to FB is, of course, to have an account.  Thus was I dragged into the worlds largest social networking scam.

Once the application was deployed and the integration was working (something made considerably more difficult by the rapidly changing API) I figured I’d be done with it, but by then others had learned that I had an account.  And then I found that it made a nice IM application, just keep the window open and people who are looking for me can find me.  Much easier than running a real IM client.  And it was handy to be in on the group activity planning that is more and more often handled that way.

Additionally, I’ve been told that it’s been far too long since I made any blog entries, and the wife would like to read some more.  As soon as I’ve posted a new entry, it occurs to me that it would be handy if she (and of course anyone else who’s interested, at the very least I’ve got a sister who thinks I’m hilarious) got a notification whenever I post a new entry.  I’m not much for the self-promotion, so I’d rather have an anonymous service handle that than announce new entries myself as if it were a big deal or something.  Almost immediately, the thought comes to me: there’s GOT to be a FB app for that!  And, of course, there is.  After a minute of search (ph34r my google-fu!) I’ve found it.  5 minutes after that I’ve got it up and running.

So while I definitely still don’t like the FB, I still also (just as definitely) love technology. Overall? Well alright, we’ll call it a draw.



About J West

AKA "Task", a software developer. Hence, TaskWare.
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