Walmart “Quality”

I had this short-term contract a little while back, just a couple weeks work updating their BizTalk-based solution-generating tool (yes, nice software).  Not much to say about the work besides that it all went well and everybody’s happy, but there’s this one memory that I felt was blog worthy.  Cue intro music…

One of the things I like most about jobs with bigger companies (which seems to mean ones that don’t have a small business owner) is that there’s always a steady supply of fresh coffee.  Plus everything you need to make the coffee to your taste.  And other people to make it that really know what they’re doing with a coffeemaker.  All that, that’s the one thing that I really appreciate while those jobs last.  Anyway, as usual there’s the kitchen cupboard full of cast-off mugs and I’ve pulled out the biggest one I can find that nobody else looks to be using.  I’ve been using this mug for two weeks, several coffees a day, carrying it around with me.  It’s the first thing I grab after I power up the PC, and the last thing I put away before I leave.  All this time, and do you think I’ve actually read the mug?  No.  I’ll bet you can see where this is going.  After two weeks on this project, I’m finally at the point where I’ve got all the critical issues dealt with.  I’ve got a couple minutes to breathe, look around, take stock, regroup, whatever you want to call it.  I pick up the mug, take a swig of programmer fuel, put it down, look at what’s written on it, and nearly spray coffee all over my desk!  I manage to contain my laughter, but I’m sure I was making more than a couple strange noises for a minute there.  “What did it say on the mug already!” do you ask?  Ah, well:

Wow.  Just… epic.  Fail, of course, but so indicative of the level of quality that I expect from Walmart.  So completely representative.  It makes it an impressive symbol.  I hope these mugs were deeply discounted on sale.  Ooh, even better if they were just given away.  Yeah, that’s more likely.


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