Pictures And Words

This being a kind of photo blog, it’s all words and pictures.  Let’s get just a little meta for a minute and do a blog post about words and pictures!  More specifically, about certain pictures and the words that come to mind.  I find it particularly interesting when some particular image will bring the same words to mind for many people.  It’s like an image-based lexicon.  There’s one that I’ve found recently, and I think it’s noteworthy.

So here’s the initial image, this is like the background information so you have context for the important one:

Classic bottle, classic wooden table

Yeah, just a normal vinegar bottle.  With, unsurprisingly, vinegar inside it.

But, that’s not all that was inside it.  Let’s have a bit of a closer look and see the image that brought a specific phrase to mind:

And the specific phrase that this brings to mind?

“Imagine if we’d used honey…”

Sure, fruit flies are far from the smartest bugs on the block, but they’re not accidentally going in that tiny hole into a pit of acid.  That’s something they did on purpose.  Wow.

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AKA "Task", a software developer. Hence, TaskWare.
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  1. John Evans says:

    My name was… Aeofe-bzzzzzzz-

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