Next trip: Seattle! Well, maybe…

This blog was originally created to document my travels to strange foreign lands where the majority of the populace carry firearms.  Exciting times!

The current project doesn’t tend to require much in the way of travel, so it’s been relatively quiet here.

However, Microsoft has a program called Azure Accelerator.  The next version of our project is taking advantage of this cloud-based platform, so we’re entering this “contest”.  It’s basically a start-up training program.  If you’ve got a small company with an idea, and you’re making software that runs on the Azure platform, then you can enter.  Last year 600 companies entered for the 10 available positions.  If they consider your team and your concept good enough, then you’ve got a chance.  Winning one of those 10 slots means that you get free office space in Seattle for 3 months, an equity investment, all sorts of training and seminars with knowledgeable professionals, and tons of software to aid in the development process.  You kinda have to live there to really take advantage of all this, but that’s obviously one heck of a carrot to dangle.

I’m a big part of our team, and our product is solid.  It looks like we’ve got a good chance.

Which all means this: By March 1st I’ll know for sure if we’re moving to Seattle for 3 months.

Which means this: Two months from now it might start getting really active here again as we photo-blog a family trip that lasts 13 weeks in one of the worlds technology centers!

Yes, a return to exciting times.


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AKA "Task", a software developer. Hence, TaskWare.
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