Two Weeks Vancouver

It’s been a while since I did any travel, but once again travel time is nigh!

In two weeks time, I’ll be in Vancouver again.  I say “again”, but I haven’t been there since the turn of the century*.  Yeah, been a while.  Not going there for work this time though!  Or at least, not the usual kind of work.  No software development.

This trip is kind of like a vacation, but one where I pour concrete foundation and erect structure and do some roofing.  But really, not a trip for work.  No, really.

My sister’s got a house there.  North shore, partway up the mountain, something like that.  They got it for a good price (by which I mean “merely quite expensive” and not “totally ludicrous but people will pay it” if you know the Vancouver real estate market at all) because it needed work.  They’ve taken care of most of the work, but have plans for an extension and another floor and a separate entrance and a garage extension and, well, you get the picture.

End result being that I’m going to go spend two weeks hanging out with family and doing some serious home renovation.

Well, it’s a good crew to work with and they’ve got an excellent foreman.  Definitely looking forward to it.  I’ve got two weeks to get ready for the trip, time to get started.

* One of the only benefits of getting old is that I can say things like “turn of the century”, so I’m going to take advantage of every chance I get.


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2 Responses to Two Weeks Vancouver

  1. Rolf Rummeda says:

    We want to see the blisters on your hands when you return ~ Opa and Oma

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