Trip cancelled

Turns out, we won’t be going to Seattle.

Or at least not next month.

We made it through the first round and into the second round, but we were cut from the third round.  They really liked our software, and our company, and our team, but not as much as they liked some of the other contenders.

Ah well.

Still, the idea of making a trip to Seattle is still a good one, and everyone here remains quite interested.  We just won’t be going as part of a 3-month long business trip.  Previous to this, the wife was quite interested in a “wine-tasting cruise” that hopped up the west coast.  It stops at every significant whine and you get off the boat to drink port.  I mean, uh, the other way around.

I’m sure she’s more interested in the trip that goes to west coast locales than the fact that there’s all sorts of wine drinking involved.  Well, mostly sure.  That is, more than half.

Overall, in the “unfortunate” column we have “no trip to Seattle”.  In the “not that bad” column we have “don’t need to pack up the house and rent it out for 3 months”.  In total, I think we’ll say it’s almost a wash.  It’s just… was kinda looking forward to it.  That’s all.


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AKA "Task", a software developer. Hence, TaskWare.
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