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Web Curfew

It’s now time for a brief foray into what I’ve done with my daylight hours for the past couple years. I’ve got a kid, he’s in grade 3 now.  It was about a year ago that I first woke up … Continue reading

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Me and the FB

As a general rule, if there’s something ‘social’ going on, then I’m either avoiding it or somewhere on the fringes.  Not because I’m a psychopath or anything, I just don’t really enjoy it like everyone else seems to.  That and … Continue reading

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A Complete And Total Lack Of Glory

I’m at a big convention.  Bigger than the last one.  Which apparently means “no more of that free lunch thing”, which I gotta tell ya, is not good.  Leads directly to an unhappy Task.  Here, check it out: 8 ( … Continue reading

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First things first, what’s in the box? It’s my package!

First order of business: Let’s have a look at my package. The front desk has seen my package, indeed it seems to be all anyone wants to talk to me about, and they use a hand trolley to bring it … Continue reading

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